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Other services

We also provide the following services:

A. Website Content Maintenance/Management

Make your website dynamic. Post updates, write blogs, interact with your audience.

A good content maintenance or management system includes creating and moving website contents, website operations maintenance, link errors checking, and images uploading.

B. Email Marketing

Electronic mail has never stopped serving its purpose: communicating. Now we can even transmit and track targeted campaigns and create the next one based on the resulting customer feedback.

C. Data Entry

The things we ensure with your data: confidentiality, consistency and security. In today’s dynamic business, correct & effective entry of information plays a significant role in creating well informed business decisions. Goals vary in terms of data entry services be it hand written originals, typed copy, on-line sources or scanned pictures.

D. Web Research

Through web research you’ll be able to cut down costs and drive revenues. It can help businesses know and realize prevalent market movements. Know your competitors more. Formulate competitive pricing strategies. Forecast future business opportunities.

E. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant will help you unload work so you create further efficiency and focus on your business priorities. A Virtual Assistant is an extra hand: reaching out every day to know your needs, executing your detailed instructions and reporting completed assigned tasks.

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